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27. juni 2014

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Tips to Improve the efficiency of your medical billing services

Billing is vital for the existence of a medical practice. Whether your medical office's billing is handled in-house or contracted with an organization that handles medical billing There are certain things you must be doing that are essential to keeping your medical billing services in order.

Train front desk personnel. Staff at the front desk should be able to provide basic billing or insurance-related training. Before patients visit your office, ensure that they verify the benefits of their insurance. Make sure you train new employees on various types of insurance available that include indemnity plans as well as PPOs, HMOs, and POS plans. Train the front desk personnel regarding referrals and authorizations. Explain the difference between 'Original Medicare', 'Medicare Advantage', and 'Medigap' in order for the correct co-payment/co-insurance to be collected and the correct health insurance cards to be copied for billing purposes.

It is vital to complete the patient registration form before billing can commence. There is nothing that frustrates Medical billers more than a missing insured's date of birth, a suffix missing from the Medicare HIC number, or a missing home phone number. Your front desk staff should be educated to ensure that every field is filled in. This will assist you in the future with collection.

Only one biller! If your billing is done in-house, your billing should be designated to specific person/persons who's sole responsibility is billing. If the person that is in charge of the front desk, putting patients in rooms and taking all telephone calls is also the employee who is doing your billing--mistakes are bound to happen. These mistakes could be the reason why providers choose to outsource billing.

A web-based software such as Kareo is a great way to improve billing productivity. It allows providers and billing services to remain in contact. Medical offices can access patient accounts, which aids in collecting unpaid balances during appointments. However, the biller has real-time access to any demographics of patients as well as diagnoses, insurance information, or any other pertinent information needed to prepare claims for submission.

Make sure you have your accounts receivable in order. Many service providers are shocked to see the exact amount appearing in their 90+ column on their reports on their insurance. Every state has its own prompt payment statutes that set deadlines for paper and electronic claims to be paid. If your billing is done internally, make sure to ask your biller to produce an A/R report. Determine the reason why you aren't satisfied with the report you've received. Does it mean that your billing service doesn't have enough time to post charges, post payments, submit claims, and manage the A/R themselves? Are you the proprietor of a billing company whose the billers manage their own accounts throughout the whole life-cycle of claims? Pay attention to your billers in either case and, if required, hire an additional employee responsible for maintaining the receivables.

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